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The Fifth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services is a community-based correctional agency which provides a variety of services to approximately 8,000 offenders in South-Central Iowa. We provide supervision and treatment to offenders prior to conviction, post conviction, and for offenders in residential settings. We utilize evidence based practices to achieve our Vision of "A Fifth Judicial District with No More Victims".

The belief and values of the over 250 employees of the Fifth Judicial District are that people can change; offenders can become stable, productive citizens, and employees; that every person should be treated with dignity and respect; that our work efforts need to facilitate public safety, and that everyone must work as a team if we are to succeed. We base our services on those beliefs and values.

We have not only survived, but have actually improved the delivery of services during the last two budget cycles which included a decrease of almost 7% of our budget. We use technology, but more importantly hire staff that understand and embrace our mission.

Our mission is to "protect the public, employees, and offenders from victimization, and, we seek to help transform offenders into productive Iowa citizens". We acknowledge that this work cannot be done in a vacuum and we rely heavily on the collaborative community partners that share in this work. We work closely with victim rights groups in order to be responsive to victim’s needs. We hope to expand our efforts at developing a more diverse work force, and therefore encourage minorities and people fluent in other languages to apply for either employment or volunteer opportunities.

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